There's no substitute for boots-on-the-ground experience - and we have lots of it.  Developing and executing plans of all types, major construction projects, performance improvement efforts are all part of our portfolio.

We want to be part of your success - so we will remain involved through implementation, evaluation and, if needed, adjustment to ensure you get the results you want.  

Custom designed strategic solutions

​for your​ organization



Haeuser Health Strategies calls on a cadre of seasoned and knowledgeable experts in finance, research, clinical operations, service excellence and other fields to work with you for the best possible outcome.


What sets us apart?

  • The professionals associated with Haeuser Health Strategies have deep practical experience in complex organizations with strong track records of success, paired with outstanding academic credentials.

  • Haeuser Health Strategies' planning models include powerful implementation tools and support.  We want to be there to ensure success.

  • Each approach is customized based on your business challenges and a rigorous assessment process.

  • We focus deeply on issues of organizational culture, change and leadership, resulting in a sustainable system for achieving results.